Who Are The Flux Babes??

We are the promotional girls for Adrian Flux Insurance Services. However, unlike most promotional girls who are hired from agencies, we all work for Adrian Flux in various roles including sales, claims, customer service, and underwriting. We therefore know pretty much everything there is to know about both car insurance and motorbike insurance so get in touch with Adrian Flux today. You may end up speaking to one of us!

When we're not modelling or working at Flux HQ, we're busy touring the country promoting Adrian Flux Insurance Services at car and motorbike shows.

Meet The Flux Babes

Coming Soon:
The Official Flux Babes Calendar 2016

Every year we get to produce a Flux Babes calendar for our fans. Want to get your hands on a copy of our 2016 calendar? Keep an eye on our social media accounts to find out how you can get yourself a copy.


The Flux Babes began their modelling careers in 2005 when Adrian Flux were starting to attend more and more car and bike shows and events. Instead of hiring standard promotional girls, we wanted to provide knowledgeable and friendly insurance experts who were not only stunning but could also answer any insurance questions you might have.

Since then many of the Babes have changed but we still remain the hottest insurance experts around!


If you want to see us at one of the many car and bike shows we attend, check out our Social page to keep up to date with all our show dates for the next year. You’ll also be in with a chance to win a Flux Babes Calendar!


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